Friday, 16 March 2012

ooseeemm :P

 Alhamdulillah. My life was good. Awesome. :-) I just can't stop smiling ..
hey u MR F ! thanxs being ny frends !!
seriesly im happy
everyday u make me smile
even tinggal 2 bulan kite dekt sini
our memory x kan lupe

oo MR F ! nasi bujang telur kicap satuuuuuu :P

hebat- dyla ramli

Thursday, 24 November 2011

cerita kadang-kadang ..

kadang kadang kalauu baik sangat pun susah ek .
kadang kadang kalau jahat sangat lagi susah kan .
kadang kadang percaya sangat pun susah,
kadang kadang kalau bising pun susah,
kadang kadang kalau diam sangat lagi susah susah,
kadang kadang kalau x tunaikan janji lagi lah susah
sudah sudah lah ape yang sudah

  hebat-dyla lee


Monday, 14 November 2011

High up down to the sky .

Every post are fulled with emotional. It's actually about A friend.

A friend that I always loved. But never mind. This is the last one.
Perhaps, I shall story more about my self, what's going on and everything.
So. Been hold for awhile. Sorray. These is the last.

Nevermind. Up to yourself.
You're big already, & have a brain of course.
You can think wisely I think. Yes, you can.
So. long. Fare. Well.
There's always something inside myself. I can't figure it out.
Idontknow what's going on but Okay
No mood at all.
Do I have a problem? A big NO. 

Hebat, Dyla .

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

never give up :)

thanxs you lover 
just a like appreciate it to much 
i'dont want to a blame even put it a blame.
And even it's insist of it 
i do wanna curse on something but nevermind
better keep my mouth shut .
i wanna be FLY !! FLY away from everyone 
RUN away .. and get a better LIFE ~


uwrgh ...

peace upon u. OKAY !so im busy lately .i dont know what i did before .so release everything .done bout it . :)
ok so im at colegge now ..SEGAMAT TOWN ? humm sangat membosankan .. 2 week more aku dekat sini ..
tp rase mcm 2 tahun lagi ..after nie PRATICAL ? OMG !!!!!!!!
so im started 3rd sem 13.jun nie .pratcial at firm architech ..(Y architech )
semester 3 are coming hope it will be a good, no more trouble ..haha gado gn BOS bule ?and what do as you all know,enjoy everything,every moment here with your heart ..

this week FINAL exam ..
wish good luck to me ya ? hehe ...
god luck dila ..
i wat 4 flat !! haha .. amin :)

gool luck to all my frens, clasmate ,.do the bets 4 second sem final ni ..

Chill out

seriously rase macam xnak balik segamat balik ..SUMPAH x nak! kenape dila ? ntah lah wey ..
i want a freedom ..plz hm okeys ., so today chill out dgn si minah KEPO nie ekin ..okey cut it out ..makan2 dekat benafe ,,then balik pusing dekat DANGA .turun skejap tgk funfair yang ade kat situ .macam seronok tapi dalam poket NO MONEY ,,so ape buleh buat .. turun da jalan tengok orang :)
sempat ambik gmbr sikit .. hehe
ok take a look .

ok thats ALL ..
no idea !