Thursday, 24 November 2011

cerita kadang-kadang ..

kadang kadang kalauu baik sangat pun susah ek .
kadang kadang kalau jahat sangat lagi susah kan .
kadang kadang percaya sangat pun susah,
kadang kadang kalau bising pun susah,
kadang kadang kalau diam sangat lagi susah susah,
kadang kadang kalau x tunaikan janji lagi lah susah
sudah sudah lah ape yang sudah

  hebat-dyla lee


Monday, 14 November 2011

High up down to the sky .

Every post are fulled with emotional. It's actually about A friend.

A friend that I always loved. But never mind. This is the last one.
Perhaps, I shall story more about my self, what's going on and everything.
So. Been hold for awhile. Sorray. These is the last.

Nevermind. Up to yourself.
You're big already, & have a brain of course.
You can think wisely I think. Yes, you can.
So. long. Fare. Well.
There's always something inside myself. I can't figure it out.
Idontknow what's going on but Okay
No mood at all.
Do I have a problem? A big NO. 

Hebat, Dyla .